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Name: Jeff Collins
Call Sign: W1JFF
Phone # ( 207 ) 299 - 4290 - Leave a message & I'll get back to you.
Email Address: 

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For Sale/Trade

List information of items you are looking for below:

Item NameDescription/NotesPrice
Ameritron AL-811H 850W 4 Tube 160-10M Amplifier Low hours. 10M mod done. Fan a little noisy. Works great $600.00
Jetstream JT220M 50W mobile Radio comes with a Larson 5/8 wave antenna, lip mount steel antenna $100.00
ICOM-CT-17 Communication interface-CI-V Level Converter Never Used $100.00
Astron 35M Power Supply 1 meter light out $75.00
Wilson 5000 Made by Wilson NOT MFJ $50.00
Wilson 2000 Made by Wilson NOT MFJ. Never Used $50.00
Stryker SR-5K Mag 10/11M antenna Like a Wilson 5000 but better. Never tuned or used $50.00
Computer Soundcard Did not fit in my computer $5.00
Several runs of Double Shielded Coax Most are 75Ft $40.00 Each
100Ft of LMR400 Coax/PL259 Ends   $60.00
Tytera MD380 (VHF Model) Comes with Programming cable, Speaker/Mic, Battery Saver, and Antenna Adapter Cable $100.00

Due to weight, shape, size and/or shipping costs involved, ALL SALES ARE CASH AND YOU PICK UP.

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