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This page will serve as a notification of items wanted, selling or Swapping/Trading.

Items listed should contain (and they will if W1KMC is posting them) Item, condition/notes, Price (since this is not on-air, a price can be listed), and call/contact information. We will work on a PDF download form or even a skeleton format page (use the small print button - upper right) for you to print and fill out and either hand in at PSARC club meetings, email to webmaster, or even FAX (yes W1KMC has one, see contact us page).

If you have something to list, looking for something, etc. you can contact W1KMC at the club's phone number, and he will facilitate getting it on here. Pictures are nice, but those should be sent by private emails as not to overload the website with images, if you send one in, we will post it but as the listing gets removed, the image will too.

Items for those that are SK should be submitted by next of kin or a club member as a facilitator.

Each Page below this one is for One Person whether Wanted, Selling, or trading (each page will have those three sections embedded (hidden if unused). If an Item is Sold/Traded/Acquired, please notify the webmaster to have it marked as sold/removed from page. Yes this may mean more calls to the webmaster as the site swapfest grows but that's OK - it means it's working (and so is the webmaster :-) ).

  • W1JFF-Collins-Jeff
  • W1JHG-Goff-Jim
  • SK-WB1FXN-Luellen-Michael
  • Swapfest Submission Form

  • DISCLAIMER: Neither Pine State Amateur Radio Club, it's content editors, nor Webmaster (W1KMC) warrant or guarantee ANY products placed here. Use due diligence in dealings with those you do not know. We will not be held responsible for unforeseen outcomes. We are all hams here (or most will be), and should be trustworthy.

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