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Feb 3, 2017

UMO Exam session nets new licensees

The test session held on February 02 at the University of Maine was a success with 19 new Hams and 2 upgrades. Open for more information.
Category: Exam Sessions
Posted by: W1KMC-Kevin M. Carman

The UMO exam session had 22 candidates and netted many new hams and a few upgrades as well.

Here is a list of successful exams with the Last name, First initial -> Class before -> Class After (for upgrades and NEW) and Call sign (for new, when the list shows on the FCC website they will be put here).

From February 16th, 2017 Session

NameClass BeforeNew ClassCall Sign
Dube, ATechnician
Old Call: KC1GZY
Norfleet, WTechnician
Old Call: KC1GZR
Ray, C TechnicianKC1HBY
Rose, MTechnicianGeneralKI4TOL

From February 2nd, 2017 Session

NameClass BeforeNew ClassCall Sign
Barnhart, T GeneralKC1GZS
Chasse, N TechnicianKC1GZV
Chubbuck, GGeneralAmateur ExtraN1YPK
Doe, S TechnicianKC1HAJ
Dube, A TechnicianKC1GZY
Dufour, R TechnicianKC1HAD
Ege, C TechnicianKC1GZW
Gannon, B TechnicianKC1HAG
Grooms, B TechnicianKC1HAA
Haas, D TechnicianKC1GZX
Knight, D TechnicianKC1HAB
Levesque, NTechnician
Old Call: KC1BDW
Amateur ExtraAC1BT
Lloyd, M TechnicianKC1GZZ
Millet, J TechnicianKC1HAH
Norfleet, W TechnicianKC1GZR
Nye, P TechnicianKC1HAF
Pedersen, R TechnicianKC1HAE
Poirier, S TechnicianKC1GZT
Portalatin, R TechnicianKC1HAI
Sullivan, C TechnicianKC1HAC
Warren, J TechnicianKC1GZU

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