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Mar 16, 2019

March 16th nets new hams and some upgrades too.

8 Participants examined nets 5 New Technicians, a Generals, and an extra.

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Category: Exam Sessions
Posted by: W1KMC-Kevin M. Carman

7 Volunteer Examiners and 8 Participants were at the March 16th session of the Pine State Amateur Radio CLub's testing session at the Machias Savings Bank in Brewer, Maine. We had 5 with no previous license, 2 with a tech going for upgrade, and a General going for an upgrade.

All 7 passed and are listed in the grid below

NameClass BeforeNew ClassCall Sign
Burns, A.(None)TechnicianKC1LEF
Dumond, P.(None)TechnicianKC1LED
Linnell, D.(None)TechnicianKC1LEE
McMullin, D.(None)TechnicianKC1LEC
Morong, W.(None)TechnicianKC1LEG
Patterson, S.KC1KCV (G)ExtraKC1KCV/AE
New Vanity Cal:
Wiles Jr., D.KC1LCQ (T)GeneralKC1LCQ

Congratulations to all of our participants.

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