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AmateurLogic 150: Christmas 2020

19-12-2020 05:00
Tommy shows us the neat Doozy for D-Star application. Emile celebrates 12 Days of Elmers. George remembers the Radio Shack TRS-80 Model 100 and discusses all digital AM changes. Emile shows how to completely update Pi-Star. Mike’s got the 2020 AmateurLogic Crazy Cheap Christmas Gift Guide. 1:34
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Ham College 71

28-11-2020 05:00
Extra Class Exam Questions – Part 9. E2C Operating methods: contest and DX operating, remote operation techniques, Cabrillo format, QSLing, RF network connected systems. 1:10:07
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AmateurLogic 149: Another Friday The 13th

14-11-2020 05:00
It’s another Friday The 13th in 2020. Tommy sends pictures over the radio. Mike discusses the new M17 digital radio protocol project. Jeffery Kopcak, K8JTK joins in with a background look at the K8JTK Hub Digital Multimode Interlink System we use each Tuesday night for the AmateurLogic Soundcheck Net. AllStar Link, EchoLink, DMR, D-STAR, NXDN, P25, and Yaesu System Fusion are linked together for the ultimate multimode conferencing experience. 1:10:53
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Ham College 70

31-10-2020 06:00
Extra Class Exam Questions – Part 8. E2B Television practices: fast scan television standards and techniques, slow scan television standards and techniques. 1:05:59
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AmateurLogic 148: 15 Years of AmateurLogic

17-10-2020 06:00
Celebrating 15 Years of AmateurLogic. Peter, VK3PB joins for an update. Tommy is Getting Started With The IC-705. George has some Simple and Useful Transistor Projects. Emile Calibrates With WWV Until It Hertz. Announcing the winner of the Icom IC-705 transceiver and prize package giveaway. 2:10:02
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