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Ham College 74 - Extra Class Exam Questions – Part 12

27-02-2021 05:00
E3A Electromagnetic waves: Earth-Moon-Earth communications, meteor scatter, microwave tropospheric and scatter propagation, aurora propagation, ionospheric propagation changes over the day, circular polarization. 55:43
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AmateurLogic 153: RigPi v2, Pico Pi, Winter Field Day

15-02-2021 05:00
Howard Nurse, W6HN joins us to discuss some of the nice upgrades in RigPi version 2 and George updates his MFJ-1234 to RigPi v2. Tommy shows how to get started with the new Raspberry Pi Pico. Emile discusses this year’s unique Winter field Day event at Ozone Amateur Radio Club. 1:25:46
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Ham College 73 - Extra Class Exam Questions – Part 11

31-01-2021 05:00
E2E Operating methods: operating HF digital modes. 1:07:26
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AmateurLogic 152: Hands On Raspberry Pi 400

16-01-2021 05:00
This month we’ve got three great topics to start 2021 out right. George give his first impressions of the Raspberry Pi 400 Personal Computer Kit and it’s a keeper. Mike introduces the ADALM-PLUTO SDR & Satsagen Spectrum Analyzer software. Emile begins building the K5OZ Lightning Rig Saver. 1:26:31
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Ham College 72 - Extra Class Exam Questions – Part 10

09-01-2021 05:00
E2D Operating methods: VHF and UHF digital modes and procedures, APRS, EME procedures, meteor scatter procedures. 1:00:28
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