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Ham College 75 - Extra Class Exam Questions – Part 13

27-03-2021 06:00
E3B Transequatorial propagation, long-path, grayline, ordinary and extraordinary waves, chordal hop, and sporadic E mechanisms. 55:06
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AmateurLogic 154: What The Heck Are They Saying?

13-03-2021 05:00
What The Heck Are They Saying? George finds out in Translating Foreign Language Shortwave Broadcasts. Mike explores Satsagen spectrum analyzer and signal generator software. Tommy deploys his MFJ power strip. And John Amodeo, AA6JA is back with an update on the Last Man Standing Special Event. 1:32:59
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Ham College 74 - Extra Class Exam Questions – Part 12

27-02-2021 05:00
E3A Electromagnetic waves: Earth-Moon-Earth communications, meteor scatter, microwave tropospheric and scatter propagation, aurora propagation, ionospheric propagation changes over the day, circular polarization. 55:43
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AmateurLogic 153: RigPi v2, Pico Pi, Winter Field Day

15-02-2021 05:00
Howard Nurse, W6HN joins us to discuss some of the nice upgrades in RigPi version 2 and George updates his MFJ-1234 to RigPi v2. Tommy shows how to get started with the new Raspberry Pi Pico. Emile discusses this year’s unique Winter field Day event at Ozone Amateur Radio Club. 1:25:46
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Ham College 73 - Extra Class Exam Questions – Part 11

31-01-2021 05:00
E2E Operating methods: operating HF digital modes. 1:07:26
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