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Ham College 79 - Extra Class Exam Questions – Part 17

31-07-2021 06:00
E4C Receiver performance characteristics: phase noise, noise floor, image rejection, MDS, signal-to-noise ratio, noise figure, reciprocal mixing, selectivity, effects of SDR receiver non-linearity, use of attenuators at low frequencies. 55:21
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AmateurLogic 158: Distortion, Field Day & SDRangel

17-07-2021 06:00
George’s Distortion Exploration. Tommy and the One Man Field Day Team. Mike discovers SDRangel software. 1:07:25
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Ham College 78 - Extra Class Exam Questions – Part 16

26-06-2021 06:00
E4B Measurement technique and limitations: instrument accuracy and performance limitations, probes, techniques to minimize errors, measurement of Q, instrument calibration, S parameters, vector network analyzers. 54:43
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AmateurLogic 157: Cheap Touch, Charge & Chat

12-06-2021 06:00
A $22 Raspberry Pi Touchscreen with case and fan. Is it worth it? The awesome VC4S Intelligent Battery Tester, Charger, Conditioner. VARA File Transfers and Chat over HF and FM gets the job done. 1:24:20
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Ham College 77 - Extra Class Exam Questions – Part 15

30-05-2021 06:00
E4A Test equipment: analog and digital instruments, spectrum analyzers, antenna analyzers, oscilloscopes, RF measurements, computer-aided measurements. 53:37
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