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Pine State Amateur Radio Club
on the air meeting 
script for convenors

This is the Pine State Amateur Radio Club weekly on the air meeting. This meeting is held every Tuesday evening at 20:00 local time. I am (your first name and call sign) moderator for tonight's meeting. I would like to welcome all scanner listeners, all potential hams and all hams. I invite any and all amateur radio operators, whether members or not, and especially any hams traveling through our fair state to join the meeting.

We use CTCSS tone 100.0 in the Newport area, 136.5 in the Orrington area, 103.5 in the Bangor area, and 88.5 in the Old Town area. More information about our club can be found at

The meeting will handle any traffic and pass it on to the national traffic system.

Does anyone have any traffic?  Pause for response.

Equipment to buy or sell:

You are allowed to inform other amateurs of available for sale or trade ham gear. Under these conditions it is legal. Keep in mind it is inappropriate to discuss prices on the air. Simply make contact on the air and then move to telephone or other means of communication for the rest of the transaction.

Does anyone have any equipment to buy or sell?  Wait..  if any gear is announced, write down what it is, callsign of person with equipment and their phone number.  This information can be repeated at end of meeting, for those who were not checked in earlier.

Does anyone have any announcements?

Take names and callsigns...

Make a general call up or go to announcements, whichever you choose.

General call up:  Any mobile, short term, or emergency power stations please come with your name and call sign.

Take names and callsigns...

Anyone wishing to join the meeting come with your name and call, slowly please.

Write down call and name, whether they are in/out or mobile. After check ins, read back what you copied and ask for corrections and additional check-ins.

Call mobile stations in first, as they may just be taking a short trip.

Repeat call ups every four or five check ins, no more than 10 minutes max. ID yourself with every call up.

At the end of meeting give the total number of check ins to Steve Jordan (KD1OM) and close the meeting.

You might want to add: For more information about the PSARC contact KD1OM - Steve Jordan, or check our website at, that's November One Mike Echo dot Oscar Romeo Golf.