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Our postal mail address is:
Pine State Amateur Radio Club
c/o Tom Colavito - KB2USA - Secretary
55 Sarina Drive
Holden, ME 04429

A printable PDF Tele-Tree will be available here soon. For now, just call the operator or use the menus.

Pine State Amateur Radio Club can be reached at 207-631-2592 or Toll-Free at 888-587-9295.

Your System Operators are: -- Dial ' 0 ' to reach an operator
ExtensionOfficeName / Call
3100Primary Operator:Kevin Carman - W1KMC
3200Alternate Operator:Debbie Ellis - K1DAE
3600Alternate Operator:W1KMC/K1DAE's QTH Data Room upstairs
Club Officers:
3101President:Steve Jordan, KD1OM
3102Vice President:John Hackney, WA4SWM
3103Secretary:Tom Colavito, KB2USA
3104Treasurer:Tom Colavito, KB2USA
* A person with more than one extension - the 2nd (or more) will be forwarded internally to the primary for the user.
Board of Directors:
3111Ron Cook, W1FLV
3112Jerry Burns, K1GUP
3113Jeff Collins, W1JFF
3114Ryan Stankevitz, KB1UAS
3115Peter Bither, AI1O
3116Ken Lewis, WB1EMA
Other Positions
3121News Letter Editor:Tom Colavito, KB2USA
3122Awards Manager:Ken Lewis, WB1EMA
3123Amateur Radio Exam Liason:Pete Bither, AI1O
3124Repeater Trustee:Steve Jordan, KD1OM
3100Web content manager / Editor:Kevin M Carman, W1KMC