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This form is not yet ready for submissions (It doesn't send yet). For a more personal experience, we have a “Club Receptionist” (or two, our webmaster and his lady). The Club phone number is 207-631-2593 or Toll-Free at 888-587-9296, the number reaches us anywhere so just hang on, and enjoy the music. Our webmaster also has a Fax line 888-591-5122, as mentioned on the SwapFest page, faxes for Officers and board members may take until the next meeting to get delivered so use for SwapFest submissions only for now.

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Club Officers:
ExtensionOfficeName / Call
3701President:Steve Jordan, KD1OM
3702Vice President:John Hackney, WA4SWM
3703/3704Secretary/Treasurer:Tom Colavito, KB2USA
Board of Directors:
3711Ron Cook, W1FLV
3712Steve Brant, W1WT
3713Jeff Collins, W1JFF
3714Ryan Stankevitz, KB1UAS
3715Peter Bither, AI1O
3716Ken Lewis, WB1EMA
Other Positions
3721News Letter Editor:Tom Colavito, KB2USA
3722Awards Manager:Ken Lewis, WB1EMA
3723Amateur Radio Exam Liason:Pete Bither, AI1O
3724Repeater Trustee:Steve Jordan, KD1OM
3798Webmaster:Kevin M Carman, W1KMC